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What´s next?

After submitting your inquiry, this is what happens:

First we check our database, looking for all investors and financing companies your project could be interesting for. You are informed immediately via email about the results of this search.

If you have chosen to pay by credit card, these companies are contacted and receive your inquiry as soon as we receive the confirmation of the payment authorization (normally within a few minutes or hours). If you have chosen to pay by transfer or cheque, we contact the adequate enterprises immediately after receiving your payment or after your cheque is cashed.

If we find new potential investors while checking our database daily, we will forward your inquiry to them as well.

We will keep you updated on each reaction and the progress of your request via email.

Investors that are not giving us any feedback will be contacted again after 30 days and discretely reminded of your inquiry.

Online - Updates

You have access to your data at any time and you can check your data online.

Just click on "Login". On the following page you have to enter your User-ID and your password. After that, you can edit your data if necessary.

If you log in immediately after your registration, you may not find your data right away, as it takes a few hours to have your data saved in the database. After receiving your confirmation via email you will have access to your data at the "Login" section.

Status request online

You can see the actual status of your inquiry.
You can see the following:

  • number of requests sent,
  • number of requests that are still checked by companies,
  • number of refusals,
  • number of requests with no feedback.

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