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Data security

It is very important for us to protect your personal data, especially your personality during the processing and use of your data. This is why we respect the following points.

Use of data

We process and use your personal data within our database only to serve your purposes. To process your data, we use our search programs only designed to compare new entries with the data already entered in our database.

By using our database and entering your personal data, you allow us to save this data and use it for transactions within the Alpha Investor database. You can always revoke this permission and erase all your data. Only the data that is absolutely necessary for transactions is saved.

Forwarding your data to third parties

We forward your personal data only to third parties, when these are considered possible partners within our database and they ask for your contact details in order to get in touch with you after having received your anonymous offer. In principle, we forward your data only to registered individuals or enterprises.

Confidentiality of your personal data

We use appropriate and effective techniques against loss, misuse, unauthorized or unjustified access, disclosure, editing and deletion. We work with safe data networks, protected with firewalls at industry standard and passwords.

Only selected employees have access to your information. We have strict rules for our employees who have access either to the databanks (with all the users data) or to the servers (where our offers are saved).

Integrity of data

We process your personal data only to serve your purposes, but have to make sure that the information provided is essential for the assigned purpose, correct, complete and updated. Under "Login" you should therefore always update your data.

Data security declaration

Alpha Investor and Proma.net as database providers guarantee that your data will be strictly confidential as mentioned above. If you have questions, comments and/or complaints regarding the data security, please email us.



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